Friday, November 7, 2014

Dragons and Roof Beasts, oh my!

Finished roof on the Garden's Entrance with Pick Koks on each corner.

Work has begun on the Rose Wind Pavilion 薇風廊 roof. Can you find the roof beast waiting to be installed?

Eave and drip tiles alternate, watched over by a roof beast. 

Roof beasts face North and South on the Rose Wind Pavilion rooftop. The Garden's Entrance is in the background.  

View from the roof facing South.

View from the roof facing Northwest. Do you see the Dragon Wall's tail?

The Dragon Wall and Treasured Friend Pavilion 珍友亭 (Facing North)

The Dragon Wall and Garden's Entrance (Facing South)

Treasured Friend Pavilion from outside the Garden

Rocks representing the Yellow Mountains (View from inside the Treasured Friend Pavilion)

Qingming Mural Wall