Saturday, November 15, 2014

Chinese Garden Featured in the Wichita Eagle

When people go to Botanica for Illuminations this holiday season, they’ll notice some imposing new structures — a wall running along the parking lot to their right as they enter, and the tell-tale curved rooflines of the Chinese Garden of Friendship that is under construction.

The Chinese garden is not expected to open until June — its opening having been delayed a couple of times — but much of the hardscape is done, Botanica director Marty Miller said earlier this week. He expects that structural part of the garden to be finished by the end of November, when the area will pretty much be left alone for winter. Come spring, plants will go in, tilework will be done, the pond and stream will be filled with water, and koi fish will call it home.

- Taken from the Wichita Eagle 11/15/2014. Read the full article by Annie Calovich with photos here.

A claw of the dragon sculpture by Jennie Becker. 

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