Monday, April 20, 2015

Rose Wind Pavilion

Overlooking the koi pond is the Chinese Garden’s principal building: the Rose Wind Pavilion. It is architecturally detailed in Song Dynasty style and will be the place for assembly, wedding photos and other activities. Traditionally, the southeast part of the Scholar-type Chinese garden is the housing area. This part is a living and working area; it connects the noisy, dirty "earthly world" with the pure, peaceful "dream world" of the garden.

The pillars of the Pavilions are red, as this color is believed to bring joy and good fortune. The roof tiles on the two pavilions, the entry and the wall all came from Louyang City in the Henan Province, China. There are a variety of “roof beasts” who, tradition tells us, protect the structures, especially from fire and in our climate, hopefully hail.